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Commercial Contracts, Leases & Licences

Making sure you have a good-quality contract in place is a cornerstone in any successful working relationship. We can assist you in the preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts of varying values, as well as the terms of a lease or licence. Whether you have been offered a contract and need a professional view as to its fairness and appropriateness, or wish to create a suitable contract to use with another party, our legal professionals can help.

A commercial contract is a legally binding document, so it makes sense to ensure you have got the details right. Contracts can cover a wide variety of issues, becoming particularly complex if you are operating over international boundaries. We can advise on contract basics (such as if a contract is the best piece of documentation for your circumstances) through to assistance with complex contract matters. If you believe the other party has broken the terms of an existing contract, we can also give you the information you need to try and resolve the situation appropriately.

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